Kırıntı in the Press

Place: Milliyet Cadde / 12.04.2014
Subject: A chirping place

Its attracts my attention that the tables of Kırıntı on the sidewalk in Abdi İpekçi Street, Nişantaşı. They are always full morning and evening. I wonder, who goes to this Kırıntı.

Place: Saturday Sabah / 15.02.2014
Subject: Latin fever grips the city

There is fajita in many restaurants, cafes. But let the right. The price is reasonable and they do very well. I'm talking about Kırıntı...

Place: Turkish Kidney Foundation / 29.01.2014
Subject: Salt Certification to Nişantaşı Kırıntı

The second step of the project carried out with cooperation Turkish Kidney Foundation and Şişli Municipality in Nişantaşı Kırıntı Cafe-Restaurant which the first step carried out in Portax Restaurant.

Place: Mersin ( SONSES ) / 28.01.2014
Subject: Turkey Agenda 28.01.2014

Şişli Municipality Vice President Kahraman Eroğlu and Turkish Kidney Foundation President Timur Erk will give a certificate within "Reduction of Excess Salt Consumption Project" to Kırıntı-Cafe company at 15:00 in Nişantaşı.

Place: Habertürk / 25.08.2013
Subject: Frustrated Places in Nispetiye Street

Its not possible to be successful in an other place. Because there is a dream to be Kırıntı.However, there is an unknown magic of Kırıntı. Not open to many places. There is in Nişantaşı, Bağdat Caddesi and Bebek. They don't open a place otherwise them. Also all places are full.

Place: Habertürk / 07.04.2013
Subject: They will make looked flavor of rich cuisine.

Be entered in the festival area with an entry fee of 10 lira. But also money to be paid for each tasting. The festival also has one of the expensive restaurants in Istanbul Zuma, and more accessible Kırıntı too..

Place: Mall Report Magazine / 08.08.2012
Subject: Baghdad Street retains its charm

Some of the restaurants located on the Aks; MC donalds, BurgerKing, CafeNero, Kizilkayalar, NumNum, Kentucky FriedChicken, Kitchenette, Midpoint, Divan Cafe&Restoran, Starbucks, Kırıntı, Cafe Cadde etc. Unit rental values in the aks, store size, frontage width, although it varies depending on factors such as garden use, average monthly 250- 500 USD / sqm / month seems to be

Place: Milliyet Cadde / 09.04.2012
Subject: Bon appetit to all people of İstanbul

Kayra Restaurant Week started today. You can taste foods that you always want to try with affordable prices.

Place: Time Out / January 2012
Subject: Hot Wine

Kırıntı, makes delicious the hot wine with apple, pear, quince particles, honey, grated orange, lemon peel, water, sugar, brandy, cinnamon sticks, cloves, fresh ginger; and leaves to rest before serving.Emerges a complex aroma. Intense fresh fruit and spice flavors remain in your palate. Continues until the middle of March to the second week of November days with hot wine in Kırıntı.

Place: Şalom Newspapaer / 2012
Subject: ŞALOM 2012 NEWS

From the leading names in the food and beverage brands MidPoint, Kırıntı, Kitchenette Le Pain Quatidien and The House Cafe set to open place in Bebek. Especially on weekends, Bebek is overflowing. Therefore places will snap up as of May.

Place: Milliyet Cadde / 07.12.2011
Subject: Drink hot

Time Out İstanbul Magazine chases the places that makes hot wine nowadays...

Place: Gazeteport / 04.09.2011
Subject: Record holders of Istanbul nights.

Kırıntı Bebek branch was opened as a single-storey villa with a partner in Fuat Erdoğan-Kemal Şedele in June 1, 2009. It has the biggest place between the restaurants in Bebek. About 80 people working in Kırıntı Bebek and serving 400 people.

Place: Milliyet Cadde / 06.05.2011

The House Cafe, Kitchenette, Kırıntı and Midpoint are the most famous café chains. There are a total of 38 branches. They serving to more than half a million people a month. Although we bragging Turkish cuisine, international cuisine, the famous café chain is preferred.

Place: Radikal / 19.02.2011
Subject: Loyalists finally met Emek Kahve

Emek kahve was closed two years ago because of the illegal building notice. Kahve is opened again without problematic parts.

Place: Money Magazine / 04.06.2010
Subject: In the middle of the city 'oases'

The gardens of the crumbs branch can not get enough of the prize.

Place: Milliyet Cadde / 27.08.2010
Subject: Asmalımescit comes great rival

Crumb, cafes indispensable youth of Nisantasi.

Place: Milliyet Cadde / 15.07.2010
Subject: Istanbul gives me a feeling of accomplishment

Is there any places you can't give up? Asmalımescit and Cihangir. I love the atmosphere and the feeling of many experiences there. My stop is Kırıntı Restaurant in Nişantaşı.

Place: Milliyet Newspaper / 17.12.2010
Subject: User's Guide of Nişantaşı

Began a resurgence in popularity in recent years visibly in Nisantasi who lost to another district. Coolest bar, the nightlife, cafe, Restaurant, A, A to Z directory of Nişantaşı.

Place: Time Out / Ocak 2010
Subject: İstanbul people select the bests of eat-drink world.

Best Interior Design: Kırıntı Bebek (Han Tümertekin, Zehra Uçar)

Place: Sabah / 25.10.2009
Subject: Taste the cafe culture.

The first branch of Kırıntı was opened in Moda in 1981. A 35 square meters cafe, only has eight table.Today, Kırıntı, especially youth hangout has become one of the last branch opened in the baby.

Place: Milliyet Newspaper / 03.06.2009
Subject: Or do you still listening Soaked?

Finally Kırıntı opened in Bebek. Yesterday was an evening party. Crumb here for the first time in its own building. We know Kırıntı's menu.

Place: Sabah Newspaper / 12.6.2009
Subject: Garden spaces

Kırıntı has opened its fourth branch in the Baby. Space crowded at all hours of the day that draws attention to the garden with sea views and a small pool

Place: Akşam Newspaper / 08.11.2009
Subject: In Nişantaşı fixed menu 20 lira

Kayra Restaurant Week was organize first time in Nişantaşı. Cultural events, adds exhilaration to the neighborhood.

Place: Milliyet / 05.06.2009
Subject: Fourth Kırıntı Fell to Bebek

Everything began in 1981 in a small restaurant in Moda. Years passed and Kırıntı named this tiny restaurant is now a big "bite" has become. Now Kırıntı not just in Moda, Bağdat Caddesi and Nişantaşı, also is in Bebek.

Place: Sunday Sabah / 31.10.2008
Subject: İstanbul's pupil

Kırıntı has not yet opened. But have less in the opening here.

Place: Milliyet / 18.02.2008
Subject: Reborn Bebek

The growing popularity of the neighborhood with new venues opening soon planned Midpoint, Kırıntı, it looks like The House Cafe and attract large crowds to new places such as Caffe Nero.

Place: Hürriyet / 4.04.2008
Subject: Open restaurant who can find place in Bebek

Bebek, every time a pupil's district of Istanbul. However, in recent years, this small village, almost Nisantasi, Baghdad Street took an entertainment center that can rival state

Place: Habertürk / 18.10.2008

Located in the fashionable Nisantasi Kırıntı and after that will open this winter baby, outside of the usual line, the air in the neighborhood, will be wrapped in an appropriate manner to the water.

Place: Sunday Sabah / 30.03.2008
Subject: Hamburger's last cases

Note: Don't skip Kırıntı's Rock 'n' Roll Burger.

Place: Hürriyet / 11.01.2008
Subject: 10 restaurant they make hamburger best

Hamburger meatball in Kırıntı in Bağdat Caddesi, large, small and big burger as is done in 3 dimensions. Smalls 30, bigs 160, big burgers 320 grams. Meats are veal, chicken, turkey and fish consisting of different species.

Place: İstanbul Life Magazine
Subject: Kırıntı

When stepped through into the doors, you say we wait was worth.

Place: / 01.06.2007
Subject: 10 places that make the most delicious waffle

Kırıntı is one of the most live places in Nişantaşı Abdi İpekçi Street for 6 years.There is another branch in Bağdat Caddesi.

Place:Kırıntı Nişantaşı / 01.04.2006
Subject: Kırıntı Nişantaşı

Kırıntı, in parallel with the vibrant main street of Nişantaşı, a pleasure and flavor stop with specific style and atmosphere. / 22.03.2006
Subject: Smokeless table in 40 square meters of space

Kırıntı's partner Deniz Erkul, 37 years old, but it shows 25. She is more beautifull from Demi Moore. Both beautiful and talented. She prepares Kırıntı's menu. This place is already famous with the flavor.Service too.

Place: / 17.02.2006
Subject: Best 10 adress of hot wine.

Hot wine, one of the favorite mountain drinks of the cold air. But for drinking a cup of hot wine in fruit flavors and cinnamon you do not need to go to the mountains. In the bars and cafes of the cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmır, Adana served very well hot wines as well as Uludağ' mountain hotels.

Place: İ / 10.01.2006
Subject: Moda Kırıntı

Kırıntı opened the first branch in 1981 as required by today's modern lifestyle. Kırıntı's main principles is catch the era by creating fast and modern food .

Place: / 04.01.2006
Subject: The quene of Kırıntı for the foods?

I was attached to the quene when i passed front of Kırıntı in Nişantaşı. I'd say "what a market". I went there when quiet the other day. I learned prices,servings and foods are the reason for quene.

Place: / 15.05.2005
Subject: Volley Toournament

On 11 May 2003 resulted in the Efes Light 2003 Park volleyball tournament. The tournament is held in the morning Kırıntı, Kırıntı Cafe Bar has reached the championship at the end of competitions held between Zanzibar and enjoyable Touchdown..

Place: Bigglook / 10.02.2005
Subject: Kırıntı Cafe

Kırıntı's second branch in Bağdat Caddesi is the one of the favorite places of Bağdat Caddesi. Kırıntı has improved kitchen and environment .Roll with meat and mushroom is the same flavor but bigger portions.

Place: / 10.01.2006
Subject: Kırıntı Moda

Kırıntı was opened in 1981 in Moda, by Fuat E.Erdoğan. Since 1982 has also strengthened its brand image by providing catering services for special occasions in a very well-established educational institutions. However, in 1995, Crumb, was forced to make a choice between the catering and retail and preferred customer satisfaction, specializing in the retail food sector more.

Place: Vatan Newspaper / 18.04.2004
Subject: Let's Moda nose for the ride Sunday

To meet in Kırıntı in the mid-1980s, was considered a very special weekend program. At that time Kırıntı was the only fastfood restaurant in Moda