History of Kırıntı

Our Foundation

Kırıntı was founded on August 28th 1981, Saturday in İstanbul/Moda and it was opened as “Kırıntı Buffet” at the ground floor of a building, having a total area of 35 squaremeters with eight tables to serve. The founder Fuat Esref Erdogan was born in 1956 and he is an Ankara University Political Sciences graduate.

He describes the opening morning with these words: “On the opening morning on Saturday, we still didn’t have anyone to wash the dishes! Finally, our carpenter voluntarily offered to be the dishwasher for the day…”. On the first half of the 1980s; there were no gross producers or retailers but only a few stainless processing ateliers. Thus a great effort was made to gather the necessary equipments and ingredients, unfortunately however, none of them were of desired quality and practicability.

He continues: "Despite our store’s small size, we host a substantial number of guests. In addition to our effort, the support and goodwill of our customers also strengthen the bond between us every single day. A great example is the lovely people of Moda, voluntarily standing up and not minding giving up their seats to the new guests even though they have unfinished sandwiches in their hands… They have always seen Kırıntı as their home and embraced the venue as their own.”

Kırıntı outgrows Moda!

And the day came, when the synergy formed forced us to move Kırıntı beyond Moda… With the request of Bogazici University Sports Club for Kırıntı to provide the catering service for the International Sports Festival of Bogazici University, we gave our first catering service on April, 1988. Serving one of Turkey’s most reputable universities in such a meaningful day introduced us to the university youth. Our catering services followed one another with our services to Robert College, Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Taşkent Yacht, Marlboro Howercraft Shows at Sile, St. Joseph festivals, Lions nights at Hasbahce Yildiz Palace etc. And finally, all people of Istanbul began to recognize us.

A first in Turkey: "Caravan Buffet" and Drive-in...

We set up a gleaming mobile Kırıntı in 6 squaremeters, which included a powergenerator, cooking units, hot water, cash register, double personnel bed and WC. A 1956 model jeep was carrying our mini caravan on the streets of Istanbul from one catering event to another. We were opening our shutters with the stunned looks of the people around and starting to serve. Even tough our old jeep broke down at times, our enthusiasm and excitement always took us to our destination. Drive-in: Should we park our caravan to a permanent spot? Despite our efforts, we were stuck in the rigid bureacracy of the time. We were permitted to work for a brief period of 2 months during which the Mayor of the period liked our new practice, but eventually asked us to remove the caravan since he was concerned that if this practice became popular, they wouldn’t be able to handle all the permission and licence requests.
Thus unfortunately our caravan had to say farewell to Istanbulites.

The first half of 1990s: Erenköy Kırıntı is born!

Fuat Erdogan says: "I come across with the question ‘Why dont you open a second restaurant?’ so frequently that I even start to doubt myself, thinking ‘Have I lost my courage?’”. And by this period, Bagdat Street, started to become one of the most prestigous locations of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Running from Bostanci to Kadikoy, numerous shops, cinemas, stores of well-known brands, cafes, restaurants and arcades are opened day by day in large numbers. Therefore, we believed that this street where hundreds of people started to march up and down would be a big and outstanding step for Kırıntı. We needed a strong and solid team, believing and trusting each other. A team which would work for Kırıntı till the end...

Finally, Kemal Sedele and Fuat Erdogan came together for the Erenköy Kırıntı Project. Bagdat Street Kırıntı opened its doors to guests on 14th of February 1999, Valentine's Day.

2000s.. Kırıntı is at the European Side!

We lended our ears to our guests who wished to have a Kırıntı on the European Side, so Nişantaşı Kırıntı became our next spot. Thanks to our architect Zehra Tümertekin, an old and wrecked apartment on Abdi Ipekci Street was transformed and reconstructed with a brilliant project which included all the characteristics a restaurant needs and more. This soon became the first big test of Nisantasi Kırıntı, when all expenses were doubled! Should we carry on or not? Definitely carry on!

Nisantasi Kırıntı became the first Turkish brand on Abdi Ipekci Street-a street fully endowed with foreign brands. Thus, by disregarding the comments of all those who claimed that “No Turkish brand can ever survive in this location!”, Kırıntı kept growing with significant support from Deniz Erkul who greatly contributed to the menu.

Today, Nişantaşı Kırıntı is serving its guests at the heart of Abdi Ipekci Street, with many praises from various magazines and gourmets.

And 2009, Bebek Kırıntı joins the family!

Our Bebek restaurant, situated right across Bebek Park and the stunning Bosphorous, has met its guests on 2009. In 2009, our Bebek branch won the “Best Restaurant Design” award granted by Time Out Magazine, with the unique designs of Han Tumertekin and Zehra Uçar.
We are glad to continue the Kırıntı adventure that we started on 1981 with our new venues, our dynamic staff giving you the best service with the excitement that we still have since the first day and our menu which always renews itself!
We sincerely thank you for the love and support you’ve given us since the first day!